SOLOING: major scale

The Major Scale is the basis of our western harmony concept. It is very important to master it on the whole fretboard. To obtain this, you need a system of 5 fingerings, which you can move around to get different keys:

The names of the fingerings show the position of its root - which is marked on every fretboard diagram. "2A" means that the root of this fingering is on the A-string with your 2. finger. For example, if you use this fingering and your second finger is on the 3rd fret of the A-string, you are playing in the key of C major. If you move the same fingering up, so the 2nd finger is on the 8th fret, you are in the key of F major.

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The example shows all fingerings in the key of C major.

You should try to move around the fingerings to different keys as soon as possible, for example to G major.
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