The TRICONE® MKII jack plug was developed in cooperation with NEUTRIK. The goal was to come up with a compact and ergonomically formed 6.3 mm plug that mechanically stands up to the tough demands of everyday use and is also small in size. The small size was of great importance for SOMMER CABLE, because the newest effect units and instruments are increasingly equipped with smaller and more fragile assembly socket panels. We can offer you a lifetime guarantee on the TRICONE® MKII plug, this connector is nearly indestructible. The premade cable consists of the new highly flexible TRICONE® MKII cable with fine individual litz made of oxygen-free copper. It is the revised version of the "Tools 4 Music" test champion. The great worldwide success of the TRICONE® MKII series speaks for itself and can now be purchased at all well-stocked professional dealers.


  • Dependable guitar cable
  • High quality connection for keyboards, samplers, effect units, etc.


  • Fibre glass reinforced housing made of almost indestructible polyamid
  • Absolutely treadable
  • Cable output with a precisely calculated radius, without interference of a bend protection spring
  • Turned plug contact made of solid brass
  • Oxidation protection due to special hard nickel plating
  • High conductivity
  • Clamping strain relief made of steel
  • Slim and short construction
  • Appealing design
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