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Written on: 13. 12. 2009 [00:05]
registered since: 17.03.2008
Posts: 172
Zu der hier im Forum schon mehrfach vorgestellten Software Transcribe! gibt es ein Major Update auf die Version 8.
Das Update ist für registrierte User kostenlos. Unter anderem wurde die Benutzeroberfläche komplett überarbeitet.

Die genauen Details zum Update:

Transcribe! version 8.00 is now available for Windows,
Mac and Linux.

You can find more information, and download it, at

It is free to existing users : it will recognise your
license key and you shouldn't need to enter it again.

***** A Whole New Look *****

The main thing about version 8, and the reason why I've called
it version 8, is that it has a whole new layout and look.

There are screenshots at
In the bottom bar you can see sliders for horizontal zoom,
volume, speed, and pitch, making these controls easier to
access than before.

***** Sound & Video files *****

- Windows & Mac : fixed a bug in Video Viewer where on some MPEG
videos it would wrongly report that there is no video.

- MP3 files : we now accept arbitrarily large files (it used to be
that if it was bigger than 250MB we would either refuse or use
QuickTime or Windows Media to load it, which would take ages).

- Sound File Export : we now allow export file size up to 4GB
(close to 7 hours at CD quality) instead of limiting to 2GB.

- Windows WAV & AIFF files : can now handle up to 4GB instead of
just 2GB (Mac & Linux were already ok with this).

- WAV files : if length is given in header as 0 (it does happen)
we now accept it and assume data extends to end of file.

- FLAC files : we can now handle ID3 headers.

***** Commands and Scripts *****

- If you try to create a keyboard shortcut command for a keystroke
which is hard-wired as a menu shortcut then it won't work :
however, now it will warn you which it didn't before.

- New command PlayLoopRelease allows playback to exit from a loop.
That is, use this command while looping and playback will
continue out of the loop.

- New commands SelectionStepLeft, SelectionStepRight
These move the current selection left or right by its own
length. If you have specified a "rewind" in Preferences -
Playback then the move will overlap by this much.
New commands SelectionStepLeftNoRewind, SelectionStepRightNoRewind
These are alternative versions which never overlap the move.

- New command FileExportSoundNamedRR is like FileExportSoundNamed
but allows you to specify sample rate and repetitions.

- In scripts you can now use the '+' escape character to get
multi-line text and do various other useful things.
See Help - Various Topics - Automation.

- Also see the new script examples on the website - in the FAQ,
"Using Transcribe!", at the bottom of the page.

***** Other Changes *****

- The latest version of QuickTime on Windows - 7.6.5 - will not
allow T! to open QT sound and movie files (mov, mp4, m4a, aac,
mpeg) where there is an accented character in the folder or
file name. I hesitate to call this Apple's bug, but it certainly
is rather strangely altered behaviour in QT.
This version of T! uses a different way of opening QT files, to
avoid this anomaly. I've also fixed it in the Mac version of T! :
the current version of QT for Mac is 7.6.4 and does not have this
problem, but it might if they update the Mac to QT 7.6.5.

- Added "Store" to the right-click pop-up menu on Loop buttons.

- Right-click (control-click on Mac) the toolbar to customise it.

- Stopped the chord guessing box from jumping around.

- 'j', 'k', 'l' shortcuts, AKA SelectionMake... commands will now
centre on current point/selection if not playing or paused
(previously would do nothing).

- Edit Marker dialog now comes up focussed on the text field.

- Shift-Control-S (Shift-Command-S on Mac) for Save As.

- You can now "play into a loop" - that is, if you have a
selection and you start play before the selection then
it will loop the selection correctly when it gets to it.
Previously it would loop back to the place where playback
started, which is not usually what you want.

- New Preference "Default exported sound files to the same folder
as the original sound file."

- The initial default folder for the "File Open" dialog is now
set by opening a file by any means (Recent Files, drag-n-drop,
even a script) instead of just by using the "File Open" dialog
as before.

- Windows: improved handling of fast user switching : we no
longer continue playing sound for the old user (and responding
to midi and footpedals) when fast-user-switch.

- Various other minor bugfixes and improvements.

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