COMPING: Powerchords

Powerchords are the easiest chords on guitar. They consist of the root and the fifth and will nearly always be played with distortion/gain. Powerchords build the essence of the rhythm guitar in both rock and metal music.

There are 2 different types:


Powerchords overview:

1. Open powerchords (not movable)

  • with 2 notes:
  • with 3 notes:

2. Movable powerchords

  • with 2 notes:
  • with 3 notes:

Powerchords: progressions

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You can practice the powerchords with these progressions. The pauses can be used to encompass to the next chord.

Powerchords with 2 and 3 notes

Powerchords with 2 notes:

Powerchords with 3 notes:

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