A Guitarist’s Dream

Professional musicians around the world use the smoke-colored guitar cable SPIRIT XXL. The cable is considered state-of-the-art and received several awards from different professional magazines. The generous insulation (PE 3.18 mm) between wire and shielding and the high quality PVC-jacket ensure improved capacitive values even for longer lengths, as well as outstanding toughness and resistance against treading. Due to the use of extremely fine individual litz (42 x 0.15 mm) is stays flexible and can be wound without bouncing. These properties make the SPIRIT XXL ideally suitable for use on stage, where it stands up to tough boots and constant winding. The extremely dense double shielding made of semi-conductive carbon shielding and copper braiding prevents all types of noise interferences, such as e.g. annoying crackling or uncomfortable humming. And the cable stands up to passive pickups or tube monitor interference. A low capacitive value of 88 pF ensures unaffected and loss-free transmission. All in all, a clear and enormously powerful sound image is created – additionally supported by the special stranding technique and a wire diameter of 1 x 0.75 mm². Equipped with SOMMER CABLEs very own angled or straight HICON-jack plugs the SPIRIT XXL stands up to the highest of demands placed on studio and professional live operations. The high quality of the thick PVC-jacket with a practical strain relief also guarantees very good bend protection. And the premade guitar cable SPIRIT XXL is – like all cables premade by SOMMER CABLE – available in different lengths.

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