True classics...

of blues and rock are in again - like the band "Colosseum" that enchants us the same as it did back then. Clem Clempson, guitarist for the band (and Sommer-user), who has also toured with other rock legends like Humble Pie, Jack Bruce, Roger Chapman, or Chris de Burgh, proves over and over what can be done with a mere six strings on a guitar. The same as in the good old days, true musicians count on proven down-to-earth craftsmanship and material. The vintage style cable with suitable tweed braiding is also called for in the cable business for use on amp or guitar. The outside looks have stayed the same, but on the inside the proven components have been made even more reliable, technically sophisticated, and tougher. The core is an inside conductor with a diameter of 0.50 mm2, made of 28 fine copper litz that guarantee pure listening pleasure for lengths even exceeding 20 m, which detail-oriented musicians already consider a critical length. The cable is rounded off with a thick insulation of foamed and lacquered PE, as well as dense, tin-plated copper braiding. Eye-catching is the additional fabric, which lends the vintage look to the SC-CLASSIQUE. And it even sounds like a cable from that era: The SC-CLASSIQUE convinces with a warm, fat sound and crystal clear heights. That is the blues of tomorrow. We supply the SC-CLASSIQUE with a HICON vintage plug connectors in an American design with a dependable clamping strain relief and a heavy solid pin, one of the first ones available on the market.


  • High end guitar and instrument cable in vintage sound and styling
  • Unbalanced cable for stage and studio


  • Warm and fat sound image of the "Sixties" and "Seventies"
  • Robust fabric in vintage styling
  • Very low capacitive value and double copper braided shielding + semiconductor
  • Easy to wind
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