EQUIPMENT: Acoustic guitar

The question is what you want to do with the guitar:

  • A classical guitar with gudd strings is mainly for playing classical music
  • A flamenco guitar is similar to a classical guitar but has a more percussive and a more midrange sound
  • A steel string guitar is good for comping pop songs, gypsy jazz, country music. This type of guitar is more brilliant in sound than a classical guitar and has a kind of metallic vibe to it.

Many people do not know about the differences between these acoustic guitar types. It is a good idea to do a little bit of research before buying. It may help prevent frustration!


Steelstring guitars:

Both Yamaha and Ibanez have some nice guitars for little money. The decision for a particular one has to be made considering taste and price. It is essential to check the string action on the nut - it should not be too high. This causes unnecessary strain in your hand, especially if you play near the nut. It is a good idea to have your guitar checked by a professional guitar technician! You can get cheap acoustic guitars starting at 60-70 $. There is no limit in the amount of money you can spend on a good acoustic guitar. Takamine, Guild or Martin for example build fine instruments for a reasonable price.

It is your decision how much money you want to spent for appearance, style, special woods or pickup systems!

Important: For children, it is recommended to use classical guitars in special sizes (3/4, 1/2) or electric guitars. This is essential for a good posture on the instrument. If the guitar is to big, it can lead to frustration because the child has to use too much strength. You should ask a qualified guitar teacher to help you get the right guitar.

Classical guitar:

There is a great variety in different classical guitars. Ask your classic guitar teacher, maybe he can recommend a special guitar. If you don't have a teacher, you can get some good instruments from the big companies for example from Yamaha or Ibanez! Also check your local guitar dealer. Maybe you can find a no-name instrument you like.

If you can spend a little more money, you should try a handbuild instrument with massive woods.

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