EQUIPMENT: accessories

Recommendations for acoustic and e-guitar accessories:

  • Tuner
    (e.g. Korg GA-20 or Boss TU-2)
  • Music stands or even a digital music stand
    (e.g. K&M or Freehand Systems)
  • Metronome
    (e.g. Wittner, Yamaha, Korg or software solutions)
  • Robust bags and cases
    (e.g. Warwick Rockback, Ritter Bags)
  • Stands
  • Foot bank for correct posture while practicing
    (see posture)
  • Capo
  • Backup strings
    (e.g. SIT, D'addario, Dean Markley, Earnie Ball, Pyramid, GHS)
  • String crank (to speed up the string changing)
  • Cable
    (e.g from SOMMER CABLE for long durability)
  • String cleaner
    (e.g. Dunlop)
  • Fretboard conditioner for rosewood fingerboard
  • Picks
  • In-Ear Monitoring
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